La Gallery is created by my love with art. You will see my different Art project and view the Arts on gallery, maybe soon others artist project and artwork. I want to build you a free space where you can let your eyes in freedom and relax your mind. Also i hope to show you The World through my eyes by my art projects. And then, i hope you will show me how my art is.

"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see"

    -Egar Degas-

You'd love to hear about an artist with full of passionate, who will inspire you, also who has perfect skills and experience. You can't find that guy in my world.

Here, i am. My eyes follows beauty, my body belongs to The Earth, my soul belongs to Mars and galaxy, my heart follows the freedom. These are no any style you think i'm following. I work on my art projects, each of them will has different style and different meaning.

Although it's hard to say that i have passion on art. I love freedom, sitting in front of laptop or hold the tablet on my hands doesnt give me enough what i love. But yes, i love the beauty, also love to create the beauty. I'm kind of the hard worker in the world, i love freedom but don't want too much free time and the doctor said i shouldn't work too much - now you can see why i decided to open this gallery. You will able to purchase my art as digital file or canvas, or printed art...

I've traveled a lot in the art majors. I've been a tattoo artist, graphic designer, illustrator and interior designer.  I still able to work for my clients sometimes, sometimes else i spend time to be myself, work for my soul. So that, don't hesitate to contact me.


From Mars. Since 1992
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