Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

You can purchase my artwork in few different versions. You can get Digital art, Canvas art and Printed paper art. There are few things something to be noted:

– The single art – which doesn’t belong to any project, can be purchased in Digital format or in printed version with unlimited copies.

– The Art in the project: You will be able to purchase a Canvas version. And these are two choice for you:

  1. The original canvas – these is no copy version.
  2. The copies canvas – it’s up to 2000 copies to be sale out.

What are the benefits of buying an art at La gallery?

  • In 30 days, if your original canvas got damaged in anyway, we will send you the new canvas for free. The quantity to exchange is one, only one time. But you will have to send us the broken canvas and be liable for shipment cost to us. Also, after 30 days, if your original canvas gets damaged again, you can re-purchase a new one from us, but must send to us the broken canvas.

When can i order the original canvas?

  • As soon as it gets available on the website. If the original is sold out, you won’t able to order the copies of the canvas in any way.

I really like an artwork which i saw on Lagallery social media. I’m wondering if I can order that artwork though it is still not on the website?

When can i order the copies canvas?

  • The copies canvas will be available after 6 months or so since the information is updated on website, but only when the original canvas isn’t ordered.

I don’t want to miss the original canvas, how can i know when it will be available?

  • It’s very easy – register to receive our newsletter.

  • And follow us on social media

How can i order from La gallery?

  • You can directly purchase on Lagallery.org with the purchase button.
  • Or  otherwise, feel free to contact us.

How do we ship?

  • We shipping worldwide, doesn’t matter where you are. Please notice that the time of delivery depends on your location. We will chose the best company to send you the artwork.

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