Japanese traditional girl – Project in process

As I’ve told in Japanese Traditional Painting article – I wanted to do Japanese traditional girl in modern life settings project. So here it is, the project in progress. 

The main character of the project will feature a girl that has traditional Japanese looks. The image of the girl may remind you of a geisha. Geishas are traditional Japanese female entertainers who act as hostesses. Their skills include performing various arts such as classical music, dance, games, and conversation, traditionally to entertain male customers. 

At the first I wanted my project to be based on the image of Japan that I know from books, movies, art exhibitions and from the internet. But as I went on with my project I realized that I want the character to be as real as possible, so it has to be based on my personal experience in Japan. So to complete this project I will have to visit this amazing country.

In this project the main character is placed into five different settings:   


1. Japanese traditional girl in a modern setting.

The girl that you are seeing was born out of my imagination. For some reason what she is right now isn’t enough for me. I want her to be more real, to have more of a soul of her own.

This part I’d love to complete after I come back from Japan. It will be either drawn digitally or made as a painting on canvas – this part I haven’t decided upon just yet.


2. Japanese traditional girl in a magical setting.

In this part I’d like to show what a Japanese witch looks like. Tricksy girls come to my mind. 

This character won’t be a stranger to our world. She will combine magic and knowledge of the past with the present and with experience of our everyday’s existence. Like in the artwork on the left, you can see a girl with the Japanese traditional hairdo, flying a phone charger, high above the city.

I want to create a story behind every image. I won’t tell you what exactly that she is doing or where she is going. But I would like my artwork to evoke a desire in a viewer. A desire to finish the story on your own and, hopefully, to share it with me and with others.

3. Japanese traditional girl in a sensual setting.

Yes, she is sensual. I bet you can tell. She is being seductive. Seductive as a woman’s body is and should be. 
Japan is known as a country and as a society that is very open about sex. My curiosity pushes me to imagine about the beauty that is hidden behind traditional clothes. Since I was a kid I have always been in love with kimono. And I always wanted to express the sensuality of it, the erotic role of this beautiful traditional clothes. 

4. Japanese traditional girl in Space.

We live in the time when we are lucky to be able to learn a lot about the Space and the Universe. Nebula and the world of Cosmos always been fascinating to me and I want to express my dreams and my fascination through the image of this persona. 

*A nebula (Latin for “cloud” or “fog”;[2] pl. nebulae, nebulæ, or nebulas) is an interstellar cloud of dust, hydrogen, helium and other ionized gases. Originally, nebula was a name for any diffuse astronomical object, including galaxies beyond the Milky Way.”

(By Wiki)

5. Japanese traditional girl in love.

The colors of this setting are based on the mood of being in love.
Love is one of the most strong and beautiful experiences  that a person may have in his or her life. Love can make a person experience the whole array of feelings and emotions. From feeling sad to being excited, from being worried to feeling happily careless. Love makes people dream, love makes people grow, love gives people strength and desire to live. 
According to nowadays studies, many of the young Japanese people don’t want to have a real lover and are feeling less sexual. But I want to show you a girl that is still in the mood for love. She is seeking for love and she is ready to take everything that love may offer to her. 

There are over 20 artworks in the series that I have already made. Each belongs to a part of the project. And I am intending to follow the course, to complete each of the settings. You can see more of my artwork on Japanese Traditional Girl project in my Galllery. These artworks are available for purchase.

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